Ceramic Flooring


9.84 x 43.31" (25 x 110,00 cm)

Line : Madeiras

Code: LF25016

Format : 9.84 x 43.31" (25 x 110,00 cm)

Type : Ceramic Flooring

Minimum Joint : 0.12" (3,00 mm)

Coefficient of friction : ≥ 0,4

Tone Variation : Moderate variation, the colors present in a single piece will be part of the colors present in other pieces and the amount of colors in each piece may vary. .

Print Variation : 12 .

Environments : Bathroom, Bedroom, Kitchen, Living Room, External Area, Garage .

Applications : PEI 4 | Ceramic tile for residential floors of moderate to heavy traffic and commercial of low traffic, for example: kitchens, stairs, garages and wall applications.

Finishes : Satin .

With the measurement of 9.84 x 43.31" (25 x 110,00 cm), Hacienda Ceramic Flooring is part of our Madeiras collection. Hacienda is a Ceramic Flooring with a great finish, so it is suitable for a variety of rooms to make your home or workplace much more comfortable and attractive.

According to the main international trends of decoration, our products have finishes that add beauty and sophistication to your day to day. Always with great launches, Lef Cerâmica is a brand specialized in the manufacture of ceramic coatings for floors and walls in the dry process.

In addition to having a greater ease at the time of cleaning, it is worth remembering that the Hacienda Ceramic Flooring also helps to make the temperature of the place more pleasant, especially in the hottest periods of the year.

Founded in February 1994 in the city of Piracicaba, at the São Paulo state country side, Lef Ceramic Tiles was the first commercial brand of the Lef Group to be presented to the market and to date it values ​​quality and innovation in all its ceramic coatings.

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