Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Today, in the Lef Group, productive investments are thought together with sustainability practices. The processes follow rigid controls to optimize results and neutralize impacts to the environment.

Water harvesting

Seeking the conscious and rational use of water, we have developed a project to collect rainwater to use in the stages of our production process. The entire covered area, which totals 120,000 m2, has been optimized for rainwater harvesting. The storage capacity is 13,000,000 liters of water.

Gas scrubber

In the burning process, the ceramic tiles remove gases, these gases are filtered by the scrubber and only after this stage, pure and clean air is released into the atmosphere, the whole process is monitored and audited by Cetesb, the body responsible for the qualification of air in our environment.

Treatment of Effluents

All the water used in the process is treated and is reused in the process, in total there are 6 million liters of treated water per month.

Energy Efficiency

All hot air generated in the process is reused, impacting on lower consumption of natural gas. We have a substation of electric power that feeds the entire industrial park.

Solid Waste

Solid waste generated through the production process is reused without changing the technical characteristics of the products.


After a controlled extraction by the responsible organs, the areas of clay extraction are reforested with the management of the existing species in the place.